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. >>> and united states and great britain closing their embassies in yemen, citing a specific, credible ongoing threat from al qaeda. it's unclear how long the embassies will remain closed. is yemen the new front in the war on terror? we're live in dubai with our security watch this morning. >>> we begin with tough new security measures facing every passenger flying to america from 14 high-risk nations, those nations are considered sponsors of terrorism or countries of interest by the transportation security administration. the new rules take effect this morning. our homeland security correspondent jean mene meserve live. >> reporter: all passengers on flights heading into the united states will be subject to random screening, and those flying in from certain countries will be required to go through enhanced screenings, such as full-body pat-downs, carry on bag searches, full body scanning and explosive detection swabs, this according to a new security directive issued by the transportation security administration, and now in effect. the countries include those that are officially listed by the
-participation. >> the latino population is the fastest growing in the united states. we'll show you just how fast growing. another part of the census bureau tracking families. some people have forwarding addresses but they know how to track people down with friends and relatives to make sure everyone in the household is counted. >> that isn't comforting to know they know how to track people down. there's a lot of fear in this. >> there's fear among the latino population with the census. you would never answer the door, honestly, and answer these questions. the census bureau working really hard on this marketing campaign which has $100 million of stimulus money in it, by the way, to make sure that people know this is something you have to do. this is important to measure how many people are in this country, where they live, and federal funding, house seats, a lot depends on this. it's all private information. ten minutes, ten questions -- >> may i touch it? >> yes, you may. there are five different languages. john is making fun of me because i'm such a population geek. we'll be able to see how they're mov
in the united states have to turn for information is social media. cnn has set up a haiti desk to monitor the pleas for help and bring you many of the heart wrenching stories and pictures that the survivors want the world to see. >>> and officials say they cannot even begin to guess how many casualties there are. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. and there is barely any emergency response to speak of. pentagon officials say they're already working on shipments of humanitarian aid, but getting there will be tough, since the control tower at the airport in port-au-prince is gone. >>> scenes of horror and devastation in haiti this morning, 13 hours after a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook the capital city of port-au-prince and the surrounding area. still not clear how many people are dead at this point and how much more misery has been happied on the most desperate, disaster-prone area in the hemisphere. but one thing is certain, this is an unimaginable disaster. we're using the global resources of cnn to bring you have the most complete coverage of the earthquak
the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace dodd? and what does it mean for the president's agenda? >> reporter: that's a good question. when it comes to connecticut, you would think that this would be a bad sign for democrats. but actually, because senator dodd
against the united states. barbara starr is with us, is he really behind this attack or is he just claiming responsibility? >> reporter: that is the question, john, that nobody knows the answer to. bin laden indirectly on this tape claiming responsibility for the christmas day attack, promising more attacks against the united states because of u.s. support for israel on the palestinian issue. u.s. counterterrorism official says, a message like this, no matter whose voice it should be, should come as no surprise. al qaeda has from time to time tried to build support for its program of murder talking about the palestinian issue. al qaeda in yemen by all accounts was behind the training and equipping of farouk abdulmutallab in that attack. these are affiliates inspired by bin laden, not necessarily awaiting direct orders from him, that of course has been going on for some time. the bottom line on that christmas day attack is it now demonstrates that one of these al qaeda affiliate does have the ability to reach out and touch american citizens. that's what the u.s. administration is fo
borders has a field hospital set up. what is the united states doing in terms of bringing down medical teams to help care for the many, many people we see so desperately in need? ivan watson had a story of a woman whose foot had been amputated in a collapse and she'd been sitting outside with a tourniquet for more than 24 hours. >> the hospitals in port-au-prince have collapsed. there's a few facilities still opening, but not really capable of handling the surge of need. the other groups are there. the united states is bringing down medical personnel. we have some on the ground right now. i know that there are trauma teams that have been dispatched. we have the "carl vinson" aircraft carrier on the way which will be able to provide assistance. we've got the "uss comfort" getting ready to leave, to get down there. but the immediate trauma crisis, we're trying to meet with volunteer doctors, with military doctors and others, because the -- as you're right. this is a large area involving many, many, many millions of people who have been cut off from access, just getting to people to provi
, germany, new zealand, lux many burg and the united states of america. >>> and looking out for scams in the economic downturn. >> otherwise reasonable people are falling victim to these things. especially fake check scams. >> i keep getting e-mails that i've been sent $1 million from people i've never heard of. >> you wire me a check and i'll wire a bit of it back. i promise it's lee jit. first of all, you could get these government scams, look, i'll help you get stimulus money. you just give me a bit of money and i'll help you navigate the process. caution. there is no program to help you get government cash to pay your bills. they're targeting small business as well. be careful if anybody is telling you that they can sell you access to government money. also for job hunters, pay a fee, we'll help you get a job. here's the job for you, you just need to pay for your credit check. give us all your bank information, your social security number, pay us the fee and we'll get you a job. wrong. they just want access to your financial information and they want your money. there's no job at
ones at home in the united states with news of relatives down in haiti. we were contacted by somebody who gave us a photograph of the father, you took the photograph, you literally went door to door in port-au-prince looking for him. what did you find? >> reporter: well, you know, john, as you can imagine, there are thousands of people out there who are looking for loved ones here in port-au-prince. but with communications down, people can't get out, people outside can't get in. it's impossible to try to link up with those who you love and who are missing. so what we just tried to do is link the two together and take a look at what we found. news of the quake broke, and images of destruction poured in, he sat in new york frustrated and worried, unable to reach his father, who is in port-au-prince for a funeral. >> i started to ring out because i knew my dad was down there and i had no idea what just happened, so i was very afraid. >> reporter: he tried everything, but communications were down. the u.s. embassy, out of reach. >> it was a sense of, you know, helplessness, where you can'
launching an attack against the united states with bioterror weapons. just yesterday the independent commission on weapons of mass destruction gave the government an "f" for failing to deal with bioterror threats. joining us from washington the chairman of that commission, former senator bob graham and also a new report out this week that says the threat from al qaeda goes well beyond bioterrorism. senator graham, in terms of what the president will say about bioterrorism tonight, do you have any insightful information? what should he say? >> he should say bioterrorism is the greatest threat our nation faces, more so than for instance the threat of use of a nuclear weapon and we are not well prepared. in fact, we are almost zero prepared to respond to that attack. and then if the president would outline some of the steps that he is going to initiate, such as a major effort with state and local governments to build up our public health services' ability to alert us to a biological attack, that we're going to start building a warehouse of therapeutics that will be necessary to treat pe
and the thinking back then. looking at just why it decided to go to war with the united states in iraq. we heard tony blair talking about the importance of the role that september 11th played in shifting the international environment when it comes to tolerating potential threats like iraq. let's hear a little bit from tony blair on that now. -- we don't have sound there. he was also spoken this morning and being questioned at length on a key meeting with president george bush april 2002 at the bush crawford ranch in texas. at that meeting it was speculated that was where he committed britain to war there secretly. as he said at the time publicly that was absolutely not the case. they agreed that saddam hussein and iraq was a threat but that they would pursue a diplomatic option through the united nations and only use force if necessary. they were committed to dealing with iraq but now by going to war, kiran. >> phil black in london. thank you. >>> coming up on the most news in the morning, christine romans goes one on one with tim geithner about the bailout of aig, why he says there was just no
. that food is produced here in the united states. that stimulates the u.s. economy. those farmers then end up with more money and they turn around and buy more equipment, hire more laborers, maybe they buy themselves a new caterpillar tractor. who knows? >> reporter: as for robert, the stimulus bill may not have given him a job, but it did keep him and his daughters, samantha and alison, from going hungry. >> my kids have to eat. we all have to eat. >> reporter: and that's exactly what it was meant to do. $100 million of stimulus dollars for food companies helped, according to the government, create 195 jobs, that's according to the department of agriculture. and a great update from robert. after 13 months of looking for work, he got a new job. he, as we said is a carpenter, he'll be working building log cabins. so we hope that's a sign that other people after a long drought are starting to find some work. >> you tried to talk to the food companies? >> reporter: they did not want to talk to us, and i can't even tell you why. they wouldn't even give us reasons why. they just all said -- these
and as soon as he got out he would join the jihad against the united states. >> reporter: according to he and other experts, represents 10% of the guantanamo detainees who have believed to return to the battlefield, comparing to all recidivism figures released by the pentagon. that report said 14% have engaged in some sort of activity afterward. back to you. >> brian todd in washington. >>> and last week's attempted bombing has cast a spotlight on america's airline security. >> right now millions of travelers on the move must deal with the confusion of new and frustrating rules. as our paula hancocks tells us, one of the world's safest airlines is relying on its people and profiling to keep the skies safe and it's not worried about being pc. >> reporter: it's considered one of the safest airports in the world. israel's ben gurion has the sophisticated machinery. american officials came to watch and learn. but in israel there is also a human element. almost every passenger is questioned, sometimes by more than one security officer. some are strip searched. and no matter how distasteful it
by the government of haiti, and obviously they're working that in conjunction with the united states -- the united nations and all the organizations here. we take those priorities and we work with the incoming flight that's we have, and we put them on the ground as quickly as possible. there are issues involved if flights come in and are delayed on the ground, then obviously that delays those coming in. yesterday we had over 160 flights come in. that included both fixed-wing and rotor wing. about 115 were fixed-wing. >> do you fwhoe this doctors without borders claim, though? saying these big cargo planes being turned away. do you know what the situation is with that? >> well, they're only turned away if there's no parking space on the ramp, and they don't have sufficient fuel to hold in their holding pattern. and basically the air traffic controllers are putting all the flights they can on the ground. again, there's a couple issues involved here. if the air traffic controller knows what's on the plane and what the tail number is and he has three planes stacked up and he knows one of them has got
, paula. thank you so much. paula newton reporting from yemen this morning. >>> the united states has no plans to put troops on the ground in yemen, despite the escalating threat from al qaeda there. that is according to general david petraeus in an exclusive interview with cnn's christiane amanpour, the head of central command said yemen needs us to provide a different kind of support. >> the programs that we submitted that were part of the budget that has since been approved, the appropriations bill that's been signed by the president, would in fact more than double the security assistance. last year it was somewhere around $70 million. over the course of this fiscal year it should be somewhere around $150 million or more, and the amount of economic aid increased as well. >> the general just returned from a visit to yemen. he told christiane the economy in yemen provides terrorists with a fertile climate for recruit. >> reporter: do you think there needs to be a systemic change to issues such as yemen which is so obvious, so many people say, that the grinding poverty there is such a
these other hospitals. the "comfort" has to have, you know, places in the united states and latin america to push these patients on to. john? >> the relief effort keeps on-ramping up every day, and it's good to see it accelerating, and certainly the arrival of that name is a real comfort. hence the name, i guess. >> reporter: yeah. >> chris lawrence, thanks so much. stay with us, in 20 minutes' time we'll find out the biggest challenges facing rescuers in haiti. lieutenant commander bill strickland and james mcpherson will update us on what's going on now. >> they had that amazing rescue of the 69-year-old woman yesterday, they were able to make that happen. we'll check in on how she's doing as well. still ahead, our coverage from haiti continues. what caused such widespread devastation in port-au-prince, we'll be looking at the lax building standards and if anything can be salvaged. if not, when does the rebuilding start? once upon a time, mutual funds promised to simplify investing. what happened? i used to ask my broker for advice. funny how the "best" funds always turned out to be his
and six of the children given approval to start their new lives with their parents in the united states. getting ready to fly on an air force c-17 to go to the u.s. then there is claudia and little ethan and littler jenna, the tiniest of the group. 13-year-old gertrude is the speaker. i asked my speaker to ask if she knew who her new mom is. >> reporter: indeed, melissa is meeting her in the airport near orlando. little jenna lived in port-au-prince her whole life and she is now moving to colorado, with her mother elizabeth also meeting her and the other children in florida. none of these children see a mraep this close up yet alone been in a plane. the lives of these orphans are about to change poignantly. >> a lot of moving parts and that coming together. the state department and cnn crews and the u.n. and a lot of people back in the states and working together. >> reporter: all six children safely trapped into their air force seats calmly prepared to begin their new life. we look at a bracelet given to gertrude by her new mother. about two hours later the children arrived in america
on the united states. all of that, of course, is not what his father wants to believe. he told me, what do you expect my son to do. there are missiles raining down on the village. he has to hide. but he is not hiding with al qaeda, our tribe is protecting him. this man a journalist from yemen he is the last one to speak to him before he went into hiding with his tribe. >> the tribe issued a statement saying if anybody touches one hair on his head, the tribe will respond with force. >> reporter: and that means even with the most aggressive manhunt, alwaki right now may be as protected as osama bin laden. no matter how good the training, much of this really won't matter in the tribal regions, which the government has little or no control over. his father holds out hope that he can convince his son to surrender without bloodshed. he hasn't spoken to him in weeks, the son, he says, has always loved america. paula newton, cnn, yemen. >>> that brings us to half past the hour and that means it's time for the morning's top stories. the man who wanted to talk about the past, finally did. mark mcgwire a
in the morning. dozens of haitian orphans have already arrived in the united states. many with families already waiting for them. our soledad o'brien took the long, hot, frightening journey with one group of children. >> reporter: for nine days after the earthquake, 135 children at the orphanage sweltered in the haitian heat. low on food and formula, running out of hope. until their caretakers had enough. they loaded the babies into a van and wrote on their arms, fhg, for his glory, the christian group that sponsors them and had come to the rescue. ♪ >> reporter: i squeezed on to the bus with the toddlers and older kids, and the entire orphanage heads for the u.s. embassy in pursuit of visas, their ticket out of this disaster. the situation for haitian orphans is desperate. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process to get temporary visas so they can leave. but officials cannot accept children if they cannot identify all paperwork in order. parents with one biological parent in haiti can only leave with that parent's permission. it's hot on the bus, at least 90 degree
in the country are a greater threat of sworn enemies of the united states. that's wing nut stuff, that's dangerous stuff. >> same for the left, your wing nut on the left is making a real stunning accusation. >> real stunning wingnut accusation, mike malloy who said this week in response to the attempted christmas bombing that it was actually a conspiracy theory hatched by conservatives against president obama. let's take a listen to what he said on monday. >> there are forces alive in this country who are very active in this country, very wealthy in this country, who want to see obama fail no matter what. and the idea of killing 200 or 300 people on board a jetliner in order to make the point is nothing. >> cue the "twilight zone" people, that is far out conspiracy stuff. this temptation to politicize something like terrorism, again, like moths to a flame, democrats and republicans, far right and far left, blame that accusation. just totally insane. >> we've seen a lot of flame throwing from conservative talk radio to the president, what about malloy's track record on issues and statem
's a tremendous effort that the international community is showing up, we're working in support of the united states for international along at international already here. and themselves experiencing the effects of the earthquake. >> you know, and we're also hearing from aid workers that we're hoping to get out there and start distributing this aid. they're warning their efforts may need more security. they're saying haitians are understandably growing desperate and impatient for help. the u.n. food program reporting its warehouse has been looted. how will you get a security handle on the situation? >> well, we're working in conjunction with the u.n. forces and those here, we're cognizant of the increasing concerns about security. up to this point, we have not seen a great deal of insecurity, but clearly that is a concern, and we will work with the government and the national police to deal with it as best we can. but our priority is getting -- right now it's getting rescue efforts, which will already on the ground, have been for several days, and getting medical treatment and working with th
and the democrats. >> god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: and, john, a lot of people wanted to know more about health care. some of these people are out of work, they don't have health care, and the president mentioned health care reform, but he didn't exactly say where it was going or what its final form would take. they wanted to know a lot more about that. as far as the overreaching question, did president obama repair the rift with middle class americans? well, it's a mixed bag. these democrats and independents say they like the president personally, but they wonder if he can push through his ideas and get something done. and most importantly, you know, get some jobs back in youngstown, ohio. >> traditionally these state of the unions are long on ideas and short on detail. we may be hearing that over the next few days. but as you say the key is whether he can get any of this through congress. carol costello, good to see you this morning. thanks. >>> also during the state of the union president obama pointed to a high speed railroad project in tampa as a
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